Dress Code

GMS Unified Dress Code

The unified dress code is in addition to The School District of Indian River County's Dress Code at Gifford Middle School with the following additions.

Shirt Colors: Any solid color with a collar/ short or long sleeved. LOGO must be 2 inches or less.

Type of Bottoms - all of the following are allowed in accordance with District Code for Length:

  • Pants/Slacks Capri Pants
  • Skirts/ Shorts
  • Solid Blue/Solid Black /Denim, including stretch denim styled skinny jeans, may be worn ONLY on Spirit Days
  • No leggings/jeggings (leggings that imitate the look of denim) permitted.
  • No athletic wear such as sweatpants or basketball/other sport shorts
  • Holes, rips, and frays in clothing are not allowed.

Bottom Colors: Solid Navy, Solid Tan, Solid Black, Solid Khaki, White, Grey

Logos: Logos/brand names on pants and shirts may only be two inches or less in diameter.

Accessories: Accessories are allowable so long as they are deemed not a distraction by administration.

If clothing accessories such as long sleeve t-shirts are visible under unified dress, accessories must be of an approved solid color.

Cold Weather Days (50 degrees and below) will be designated as a "Relaxed" Dress Code Day.

School Spirit Day - students may choose to wear a school spirit shirt or any other school sponsored club or school sponsored sport spirit shirt. If not a spirit shirt, then one of the above described unified dress solid color collared shirt must be worn.

Sports teams, clubs, and organizations may have altered dress days as designated by the principal.

A Dress Down Day may be held occasionally, organized as a fundraiser. All clothing worn must meet the district's dress code policy.

Shirts do not need to be tucked in, as long as, the shirt tail does not fall below the back pocket area. Bottoms are to be secured around the waistline. No belt is needed if pants are secured at waist.

Shoes will follow district dress code policy for middle schools- can be open-toed but strap across the back of shoe is required.

All other rules and regulations for dress not covered in this policy will defer to the SDIRC Code of Conduct.

The unified dress code will be applied to all students. It has been administratively determined that there will not be an opt-out alternative to the unified dress code except for sincerely held religious beliefs.

Note: The administration shall have the authority to judge whether or not the appearance of any student is disruptive to the educational function of the school or school activity. Students who violate the dress code will be required to change into items from our unified dress clothing closet or wait in designated area until appropriate unified dress clothing is brought to school. Repeated violations of dress code will be viewed as open defiance and may result in suspension. Attention Students and Parents: This change affects all students in the state of Florida and can found in Florida Statutes 1006.07(2) and 1006.15(3).

Wearing clothing during the school day that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner or that disrupts the orderly learning environment is prohibited.

First offense: Verbal warning and parent/guardian is called.

Second offense: Student/ parent conference will be held.

Third offense: After-school Detention.

Fourth Offense: Friday Detention and principal/designee shall call parent/guardian and send a written letter of In-School suspension.